Revolve, Blue Stretch Denim With Curved Style Lines

₹ 10,950.00

Denim inspired from the rodeo pants, you will feel like a cowboy.The highlight of this denim is its look from the back. Unique style lines emerge in curves with double stitch lines in yellow. The waist belt has been eliminated at the back and the back looks clean. The two back pockets sports a border of yellow stitch lines. From the front, the design is more evolutionary than revolutionary compared to the conventional denim design. The inseams have been a little to the front. Frayed edges at the hem make the overall design look chic. The fabric is 100% cotton twill with stretch, sourced from one of the finest mills of Italy, which is very comfortable for movement and rugged as how denim should be.

Cotton| Dry Clean

Made to order: Shipped within 2 weeks

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